Adopt Žarkovica Dogs

After the veterinary inspection ordered that all dogs from the unregistered Žarkovica Dog Shelter in Dubrovnik be urgently found a home, the Adopt Žarkovica Dogs project was launched to help Žarkovica dogs.

Project holder: City of Dubrovnik

Project manager: Ana Ivelja

Assistant Project Manager: Ivana Neusidl

The project was set up by: Udruga Pobjede, Shelter Prijatelji Čakovec and Animal Friends

Dogs listed by: Udruga Pobjede

Contract shelter: Animalis Centrum

Support of the international organization: Network for Animals

Get involved!

The Žarkovica Shelter is home to more than 200 dogs and in order to find a home for all of them, we need your help.

You can join the initiative in several ways: adopt a dog, adopt a dog temporarily, volunteer, donate!

For all information you can contact us at:

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