Adopt Žarkovica Dogs

What do we do?

The aim of this project is to find homes for all the dogs from the non-registered Žarkovica Dog Shelter.

The project holder is the City of Dubrovnik, the manager is Ana Ivelja, and assistant manager is Ivana Neusidl. The project was carried out by Udruga Pobjede, shelter Prijatelji from Čakovec and organization Animal Friends. Dogs listed by the members of Udruga Pobjede. The contracted shelter is Animalis Centrum. International organization support provided by Network for Animals.

We have recorded and registered all the dogs living in the Žarkovica Dog Shelter. All of them will receive veterinary assistance and be prepared for adoption via registered shelters, which have a cooperation agreement with the City.


Pick a dog

All the Žarkovica dogs waiting for a home can be found here. Browse our photo album with all the Žarkovica dogs in it and we guarantee you'll find one to fall in love with.

When you browse the dogs, you will see that besides other data, each entry lists a location as well. The reason for this lies in the fact that some of the dogs may already have been moved to a registered shelter, or temporarily housed with a partner association, volunteers or individuals. Those dogs need a home as urgently as those still in the Žarkovica Shelter. By adopting such a dog, you will be freeing up valuable space with temporary adopters or at shelters for other dogs who need it.

Contact us & meet us

We know that you are already in love and that making a decision isn't easy. But when you do manage to make a choice (or perhaps you don't have to? There is an old Croatian saying that goes like this: 'If the family isn't angry, the house will never be too small' – i.e. happy homes are never too full), you will see that each dog's entry lists their story, photos, basic information and contact information.

That is the next step. Use the listed contact info to get in touch with your new soul mate. Once you reach us, we will provide you with all the additional information regarding the dog and the procedure so that you can meet your dog as soon as possible. :)

Finalize the adoption

Now that you know who your soul mate is and have all the necessary info, the final step is to make it official. :)

The adoption procedure will be arranged with a registered shelter in whose care the dog is. Don't worry, it's nothing complicated and we will provide you with all the necessary information. All the details and a possible date with your dog will be arranged directly with the shelter. If it was meant to be, the shelter will provide you with an adoption contract to sign, which will enable your new friend to become an official member of your family.

Congratulations – thanks to you, another life has been saved! :)